Native Grass Forages for the Eastern US

The new book by Professor Pat Keyser, Director of the Center for Native Grasslands Management

This brand new, comprehensive book about native grasses provides the latest, science-based information available for anyone interested in these remarkable plants. Whether you are a farmer, technical advisor, scientist, or conservationist, this book gives you the information you need to not only understand native grasses, but to establish and manage them for decades.

If your objective is forage, soil and water conservation, or wildlife habitat, this book offers the most thorough and up-to-date information regarding the use of native grasses in the eastern United States. It will be the gold standard for native grasses for years to come.

A digital version is also available through UT Extension:

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Native Grass Forages for the Eastern US, $25
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“A classic agricultural publication”

I have long been impressed with the accomplishments of my friend and colleague Pat Keyser, but I believe this book is a particularly remarkable achievement, and I think you will as well. In fact, I expect that Native Grass Forages will come to be viewed as a classic agricultural publication!
Don Ball,
Professor Emeritus, Auburn University
Co-author of Southern Forages

“Essential reading for farmers and grassland professionals”

Pat Keyser has put together a comprehensive, practical and easy-to-read work on native grasses for the Eastern U.S. This book is essential reading for farmers and grassland professionals alike.
Jimmy C. Henning,
University of Kentucky Extension

What’s Inside?

  • Introduction
  • Native Grasslands in the Eastern US? A Brief History Lesson
  • Why Use Native Grasses in Your Forage Program?
  • Roles for Native Grasses
  • Challenges to Using Native Grasses for Forage Production
  • Planning Your Planting Project
  • Planting Native Grasses
  • Managing the Seedling Stand
  • Renovating Native Grass Stands
  • Grazing Management
  • Hay Production
  • Fertilizing Native Grasses
  • Dormant-season Management
  • Economics of Native Grass Production
  • Weed Control in Established Native Grass Stands
  • Diseases and Insects
  • Prescribed Fire
  • Interseeding Legumes and Native Forbs Into Native Grass Stands
  • Native Grasses in Silvopasture Systems
  • Integration of Forage and Biomass Production
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Soil Health

About Patrick Keyser

Dr. Keyser has worked with native grasses for nearly four decades, and for the past 15 years, he has focused exclusively on this subject. His extensive research and experience in this area have made him the leading expert on their use in the eastern United States.